Biokinetics & Sports Injury Management level 1

Sports Biokinetics is a non-clinical address to sports injuries by sports scientists, coaches, and fitness trainers. It is derived from Sports Science & Coaching under exercise therapy. It includes sports scientific testing and measurements and developing of intervention programs according to demand profiles. Its main focus is on assisting players to return back to play post clinically through application of Sports Scientific principles ranging from pre-participation physical examinations, designing of post clinical high performance exercises meeting sports specific demand profiles and return to play guidelines.

Biokinetics and Sports injury Management is a post clinical exercise therapy program meant to equip coaches and technical staff with the knowledge on how to help athletes quickly return to play post clinically. The technical stuff spends most of the time with players post clinically while they do regular visits to the physiotherapists hence they should be part of the recovery process until the player is fully functional in the field of play. Return to activity is the duty of the physiotherapist but return to play is the duty of Sports Scientists, Exercise Physiologists and Fitness trainers hence they have to be knowledgeable on the process for them to takeover. Before sports Biokineticists takes over, a medical report indicating that an individual is fit enough to go through these exercise routines is a necessity.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Rehabilitation chain
  • Pre- participation physical examinations
  • Introduction to rehabilitation
  • Addressing of injuries in field
  • Introduction to therapeutic modalities in sport
  • Psychology of rehabilitation
  • Common and minor injuries
  • Life threatening injuries
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Types of exercises
  • Case study


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(Sports Scientist, Exercise Physiologist FIFA Football Medicine Diploma, IAAF Certified Coach, CAF GPS Tracking…)

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