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Sports Scientific Strength & Conditioning level 1

Strength and Conditioning is the main component of all high-performance training. Until recently. fitness has been linked to hypertrophy and aerobic endurance training, yet there are at least 5 key bio-motor abilities to be trained.

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11 Lessons

Biokinetics & Sports Injury Management level 1

Injuries cannot be totally avoided since they come as accidents but their occurrence can be reduced and they can be managed in case they happen.

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Sports Scientific Strength and Conditioning Level 2

Sports Scientific approach to the sport.

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I thought I had arrived at my optimum but ever since I started learning with Major Sports Consultancy Africa, I have discovered that there is more to be discovered in sport. I challenge you, 'go and enroll today and reach your full potential.
Micheal Ngore
Nyasa Big Bullets - Malawi
I am grateful of the auspicious opportunity to learn much on this high performance symbosium, education is very important for the growth of human nature in every aspect of life. This gathering gave me an opportunity to share and relate in terms of the growth of Zimbabwean football I really appreciate it.
Tonderai Vera
Ngezi Platinum Stars Performance Analyst - Zimbabwe