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Sports Scientific Strength & Conditioning level 1

Strength and Conditioning is the main component of all high-performance training. Until recently. fitness has been linked to hypertrophy and aerobic endurance training, yet there are at least 5 key bio-motor abilities to be trained.

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Biokinetics & Sports Injury Management level 1

Injuries cannot be totally avoided since they come as accidents but their occurrence can be reduced and they can be managed in case they happen.

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Sports Scientific Strength and Conditioning Level 2

Sports Scientific approach to the sport.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Major Sports Consultancy Company is an eye opener to the sporting industry in our country, regionally and internationally. Sport is now Scientific, and their courses and seminars, helped me to understand key things such as Sports Scientific Testing & Measurements, Data Analysis and Development of sport specific intervention programs. I hope many will be joining this fast moving industry before its to late, everything is now digital, definitely Major Sports is there to transform coaches to meet standards of 21st century coaches.
Jimmy Tigere
Having been coaching for 10 years, i worked with thousands of players, and ecounters a lot of Injuries from general to life threatening. Upon attending Major Sports Consultancy coaches, my eyes where opened is these two key areas :Strength & Conditioning as a foundation to high performance training and Sports Injury Management till return to play. These courses are a must attend to all coaches looking foward to match standards of 21st Century Coaches.
Knowledge Jemwa
Soccer coach and sports and conditioning coach @ Avondale Athletic FC@ Zimbabwe Redcross football Academy
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